Residingin West Glacier, MT next to Glacier National Park and primarily flying in the Flathead Valley of Montana, Casey pilots the Back To The Future Balloon which isa Cameron Concept 80 balloon.

Caseyreceived hisprivate pilot’s license in 2015. Although a relatively new balloon pilot, Casey had previously acquired a lot of experience with hot air balloons back in the 1990’s for 5 years as a crew chief with corporate balloons operated by Reniassance  Balloons based out of Michigan.As a hot air balloon crew chief, Casey traveled to balloon festivals, Nascar Races, andNHRA Drag Races throughout the United States and often traveled more than 65,000 miles each summer working for Reniassance  Balloons.

Since acquiring his license, Casey has flown his balloon in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Missouri.Casey has had a passion for hot air balloons ever since he first saw a balloon as a youngster. Approximately 40years later in June of 2014, his lifelong dream of owning a balloon came true when he purchased “Back To The Future”. It is that passion that has him wanting to share the joy of lighter-than-air flight with others. Never give up on your childhood dreams, some day they just may come true!